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I had alot of fun two days ago with Amanda and Kim.

Pictures are worth a thousand words.

First I came to Kim's house and Amanda and her were outside..
so I let kim take my board and
"ollie" over a sewer, while I watch in awe.

Then we all went to orchard hills and I schooled amanda in Tic Tac toe.

I beat her so bad that she went to cry at the bottom of the slide.
Notice her sad face.

Then I found this metal prod thing and wonder what would happen if I threw it.

Disastrous results occured.

Amanda couldn't beleive that some poor mans trailer exploded.

When the man saw this he was distraught.. so he did this.

Needless to say, I hid.

Then I tried to hide behind a basketball pole later, but she caught me in the act.

Kim and Amanda talked about what they should do with me after that.

So they walked with me on the grass....

And Amanda attacked me!!

But in the end... we all got along =)

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