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I had so much fun today. I love being with Amanda... no matter what my week has been like it just seems to all be a billion times better with her. My dad hasnt spoken to me for 5 days. We go into a little argument which sucks. I sort of miss him =(

Anywho, today I biked over to Amandas and we hung out at her house for the day. I got along with everyone of the new faces i saw (The little boys Nick and Nathan).. but this one baby Matthew... god he hated me. He'd cry when he came up to me. well I take it back i held him twice for like 5 minutes each and he was even smiling and we took a picture. Amanda says thats mine and her baby lol

we went to subway... and ate there and I bought Nathan a toy motorcycle. That kid was great. Nicholas not so much, he was sometimes a little bit bratty, but he was a good kid all around. Later on we met up with Amandas dad and we ate at Legends. That was good too... then we went to the sunday house. so much food that day.

Afterwards we went back to amandas moms house and went through alot of her cool stuff in this box she had. She had tons of stickers and band articles (and pictures of some of my friends????? uh?) and lots of cool stuff. She gave me a Lolapolooza sticker too. She also claims that she's known the band Rooney longer than I have.. and we had this stupid argument on who knew them longer. I think she did get a bit defensive a little later on... but you know what, I don't really care who knew the band Rooney longer.. She probably did anyways I was just being a jerk. Sorry.

Later her mom drived me and my bike back to my house, and I really did dread that moment that i stepped out of the vehicle to my house. I didn't want that day to end I had a great time the entire day. And when you spend that time with the most amazing person in the world, who would want it to end, right? ehhhh well I guess I better be going cause that was pretty much my day. 11:11!! woooo time flies when you write about people that words cant even describe how much they mean to you. =)

Comment please...

Night =)
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