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Well today was a fun day in school. My last period class is hilarious I love it.

Then at the end of the day of school Amanda and Kathryn meet up with me outside. Amanda was like "HELLS YEA LETS GO SEE THE EXTROSCISITISCIISCIt(sorry no clue how to spell)!!" and im like alright Good idea I sort of wanted to see that ill see you tonight!!!!!!!

So we saw Wicker park.

It sucked thats all you need to know. Kathryn, Kiley, Chelsea, Joanna, Colleen, and Ashley came along too. Josh hartnett is such a doofus and the two girls in the movie were stupid. I would have taken a nap but that definitly would not have flied well with any of them lol. I got to sit with Amanda though so that definitly made my night. I love how much they all talk during movies and how much amanda laughs. I was so freaking cold in that theater It felt like I was skinny dipping in a freezer door.

After the movie we all talked a bit outside. I saw Mike Coloumbe and Sara mayko there too hah that was funny. My dad came and we dropped amanda off her her dads house. Then I came home.. talked to some people... and starting writing this.

Im so tired man getting up for school kills you.

Goodnight =)
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Why do I feel necessary to write the first comment?

You know why? To show people where to click to go to the comments yeah

Deleted comment

lol yeah that was a surprise!
did you mean the exorcist lol
and if you did then how come you saw wicker park
isnt wicker like that wood stuff
like a wicker basket
i think my mom has some
i dont like it
but then like if there's candy or apples in the wicker basket then its ok
and its 2:30 in the morning and idk what im talking about
lmao I see Betty boop and donald duck in there... its subliminal messaging!!!

Yeah meant exorcist lol we saw wicker park because amanda tricked me
berry berry kix!
wicker park was so so so so good shut up tom!
you just like Josh Hartnett
werd. getting up early BLOWS.
Sure does sure does but im sure ill get used to it after a while
tom tom tom tom .. your an idiot. EX-OR-CIST!!.. :D anyways sounds like you had a hot night.. well kinda cold but hot.. you know what i mean. i hate how you can go to bed and wake up with 5 comments from people. . . your so popular. Josh Hartnett should get together with Jessica Beil because they both SUCK.

im done :)

bye tom lavery you are the man.
im not that popular... whenever i go somewhere with amanda its like she knows someone there from someplace. I dont know how she does it. Josh Hartnett sucks but he was good in black hawk down. Jessica beil oo dont get me started lol.

Jenn worroll is related to MR. worroll which is cool because mr. Worroll taught me nothing in science but still was fun.


12 years ago

i thouhgt it was funny the way we all talk during a movie. it annoyes the hell out of everyone else. people in the back were telling us to shut up. but at the end when everyone in our isle was quiet i just had to laugh. and kathryns dinisor sound and the burp all the way at the end omg that was so funny. i think that even tho the movie sucked ass that we still had a very very good time lol....
yeah thats true lol I did laugh way more than i was suppose to at that movie. I walked into that expecting like it to be some thriller and the girl was gonna kill someone.. and it was just some stupid lame gay love story


September 4 2004, 13:44:45 UTC 12 years ago

hey tom..yea that movie was really bad..goodstoryline but BAD..omg could not have been anymore confused lol..we were so loud and kiley and i drank down that tank was a super fun night..o yea


12 years ago

i saw wicker park yesterday
i cried
who cries during movies?

i love you krista, but we both know little miss pasta holds a special place in my heart...

anyways, tom, wicker park? i didnt even hear about this movie!
but i guess i wont be seeing it now...

oh and josh hartnett and all those other pretty boys... who needs em
they make me mad

TOM'S BRAINS ARE BLOOP and the story is done
Josh Hartnett had this uni-brow that kept growing through the entire movie.. it was pretty disturbing
krista your a Girlie-man


September 5 2004, 19:25:38 UTC 12 years ago

tom i love how you have 11 of your own the code word is spank ha..and tomorrow --picccctures


12 years ago

stop being ur homosexual self and update your livejournal...

enough said ♥ haha
You dont like my oh so thuper de duper laziness?
no get a life loser


12 years ago


12 years ago