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Amanda is amazing

Today I woke up and went to the walkathon on my bike.

What an epic adventure that was. So let me tell you about it..

I took my bike and rode over to the walkathon at Foran. Halfway there I went to the bell of tacos. I get there get my food and leave... and not two seconds after I take off, I run over a piece of glass on my bike. This was no ordinary piece of glass let me tell ya... it was like a machete or something because my back tire pretty much exploded. Complete and utter anihilation. So I ride my flat bike all the way to Foran which was oh so fun =/

I get there and see tons of people walking around and stuff and im looking around for Amanda. I circled the place a good few times and finally found her. Everyone was there... Darren, Joanna, Kiley, Albert, Megan, Greg, Kathryn, Mike, and a bunch more people, and of course Amanda. I played some extreme football/frisbee with all of them. It was great. Amanda and I walked around alot and watched some people doing karate. Whenever they would kick or punch... they would scream out some sort of breakfast food... it was so funny. So they would punch a board and say "EGGS!!"... then they would kick each other sensesly and be like "BACON!!". I was like wouldn't it be cool if they screamed hashbrowns or something just to know for sure this is a breakfast language? lol good times.

My uncles band played.. they were good.

I walked around the place with Amanda everywhere It was so great being there with her. We walked around and stole pizza and soda and breathmints lol. I love her so much!! I already miss her... I can't wait till im not grounded anymore, we will be together to the extreme lol.

Yeah so back at the walkthon... my dad told me we were leaving early cause really cool, and I had barely enough time to tell everyone bye otherwise i'd have to walk home. He was being an idiot well whatever.

I'm going to sleep night..

Tom <3 Amanda =*
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