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Today I went to Kim's house and played guitar with Michelle. It was alot of fun. Later we went to Chicken basket and got food. Afterwords we went to Dunkin' Donuts and these two guys were taking pictures of this thing that had a girl with Lukemia on it or something and they were like, "Dude, she looks just like this girl Gina!". We walked home and played more guitar and looked at stuff on the computer... then I went home. Fun fun fun fun! I have pictures so look at em all.. AND COMMENT!

My guitar

Look its Michelle

Oh god its kim

ok enough titling these pictures because im lazy and it will take forever

Except this one because I look like I smoked 23 lbs of the Reefer


Michelle is like molesting Kim..

Michelle is ashamed at me or something... and Im wondering what the hell is above my head

Kims Nostril

ok that took like 3 hours because I screwed up the first time trying to post them... Please comment.. all that work made me tired


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