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Please read all of the following it was incredible!!

So I decide to go see Spider-man 2 with my family. Everything is normal we are watching the movie... then all of a sudden my Bladder gives a sharp karate kick up my spine and sends a brain wave to my head saying "YO, DUMBASS! ITS TIME TO TAKE A PISS". So I get up... and walk into the bathroom, and drain the main vein teehee... When I hear an abnorally dull ::THUD::

What could that be, I wondered? So I zipped up, turned around, and saw an old man, aproximately 80 years or older im guessing, lying on the ground clutching himself on his abdomen and bleeding uncontrollbly next to his cane.

Thoughts began to race in my mind. What do I do?

Without thinking... I brought him over to the side of the wall and propped him up to stop pressure to his head. When I said he was bleeding uncontrollably... I meant it. Blood was pouring from his nose, ears, eyes, and even his arms and neck! So I sat him up, ran over to the sink and got a bunch of paper towels. I ran back to the still bleeding old man and told him to hold on while I get some help.

I ran as fast as I could, adrenaline pumping through every inch of my body, and in the blink of an Eye i was at the ticket booth counter.. yelling at the 3 guys behind it to call an ambulance, police, anybody! I brought them over to the mens room. The old man was still holding his chest and wheezing. One of the guys ran and said he'd call an ambulance, and the other 2 waited with me trying to help the guy. The third guy came back and said he called the police and they are sending an ambulance... so I backed up and asked if they guys had it in control. They said yes, so I walked back into the theater, legs shaking from adrenaline rush. I told my dad and my uncle when we got out of the movie (Which I missed like half of but who cares?).

One of the guys behind the counter when we left talked to me and said that the man had something with his heart like a heart attack (which would explain why he was clutching his chest). I asked him why the man was bleeding so much, but he couldnt answer. At the end of the conversation between the ticket guy, he told me that if I werent there at that exact time, chances are the man would have died from the heart attack or loss of blood.


Oh yeah, and my mom said im not getting my GNX 4 guitar unit because she is SOOO cool.

please comment I really want to know what you guys think
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