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Well today was a fun day in school. My last period class is hilarious I love it.

Then at the end of the day of school Amanda and Kathryn meet up with me outside. Amanda was like "HELLS YEA LETS GO SEE THE EXTROSCISITISCIISCIt(sorry no clue how to spell)!!" and im like alright Good idea I sort of wanted to see that ill see you tonight!!!!!!!

So we saw Wicker park.

It sucked thats all you need to know. Kathryn, Kiley, Chelsea, Joanna, Colleen, and Ashley came along too. Josh hartnett is such a doofus and the two girls in the movie were stupid. I would have taken a nap but that definitly would not have flied well with any of them lol. I got to sit with Amanda though so that definitly made my night. I love how much they all talk during movies and how much amanda laughs. I was so freaking cold in that theater It felt like I was skinny dipping in a freezer door.

After the movie we all talked a bit outside. I saw Mike Coloumbe and Sara mayko there too hah that was funny. My dad came and we dropped amanda off her her dads house. Then I came home.. talked to some people... and starting writing this.

Im so tired man getting up for school kills you.

Goodnight =)
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